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Johann Georg Justus Perthes (1749-1816)

Almanach de Gotha
1763 / 1785 bis 1944

Justus Perthes Verlag - founded 1785 in Gotha - published the "Almanach de Gotha". This French edition was originally started in 1763 by Carl Wilhelm Ettinger; as well as the "Gothaischer Genealogischer Hofkalender" (German edition) and many other "Gotha" related books and book series, from 1785 until 1944.

After World War II, publishing of all "Gotha" books and book series had to cease.

The genuine "Gotha" has not been re-published or re-issued since 1944 until today (2018).

Original editions of "The Gotha" - 1763 through 1944 - are available through antiquarian bookshops only (i.e. ZVAB).

A complete microfiche edition of all of those historical "Gotha" book editions was published in 1982 by K.G. Saur Publishing, Munich; today an imprint at De Gruyter Publishers, Berlin.

New editions of "Gothaische Genealogische Handbuecher" (GGH) are being published by Verlag des Deutschen Adelsarchivs, Marburg / Germany.

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